Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Help to Get Out of Bed

Okay, so I've been on the Omega-3 pills for two whole days so far, and I have to say that so far, it's not working. I'm sure it takes more time, but I'll keep the world updated of my progress.

Getting up in the morning has been rather difficult the past few days. When I'm lying in bed, I'm okay, but those first few steps in the morning are so painful. One thing that's been helping is a product called Mineral Ice. When I get up and head to the bathroom in the morning, I determine the parts that are hurting, and I apply Mineral Ice on them, and then I'm able to get around and do my exercises.

I guess we'll call that LupieKat's tip for the day!

Have a lupie day.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Is Omega-3 Good for Lupies?

I just finished reading an article that discusses a study using Omega-3 as part of lupus patients' diets to see if it helped improve lupus symptoms. It appears that significant improvement was shown in those who were using fish oils.

There has often been talk that Omega-3 is good for people with lupus for quite a few years, so if I see something labeled Omega-3, I'll pick it up. I actually just packed a snack of walnuts because they were labeled with "Omega-3". My soy milk is also an Omega-3 soy milk.

I have to say that so far, it's not working because I ache like you wouldn't believe this morning. The study did say that improvement was shown in those who used fish oils. Also, there seems to be a minimum dosage requirement.

I think I may try to catch up with Omega-3 fish oil supplements and see how they work. The article said the results spanned 24 weeks. I wonder if it will take a while to notice changes? I'll let you know.

If you're interested in that article, here you go:

Have a great day living lupie!

Lupie Kat

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Want to Stay in Bed Today

I'm very tired and achy today. I want to stay in bed. I think Geoff wants to stay in bed more since he's actually asleep, and I'm not! I'm in that "I'm tired, but it hurts too much to sleep" stage right now. I won't stay in bed because I need to go to work, so I'll drag my butt out of bed as soon as I'm done writing.

I'm getting great e-mail from readers. Some share great news. Some share their struggles. A lot feel isolated. I feel isolated sometimes too. That's why I go to work. One of the reasons I go. Even sometimes at work, I feel isolated. I've been there for over a year, and at this point, I have a nice set of people I can talk to. I think it pretty much took me a year to find people I feel comfortable with. It's very hard for me to reach out and make conversation.

There's this one guy at work that no matter what I say to him, I feel like I'm an idiot when I'm done. The odd thing about it is that he's the one who tries to make conversation with me. He'll say, "How's your day today?" and I'll reply with something completely idiotic and nonsensical like, "I think the sky is blue today." and he'll respond. "Yeah" and walk away. He'll come back again in a few days and say something else and give me another opportunity to look silly. When Geoff's with me, I tend not to talk like an idiot. When Geoff's around, I don't feel nervous, and it's easier for me to express myself. Without Geoff, talking to people is very challenging.

I keep trying though because it's easy for me to feel isolated if I don't. When I feel isolated, I get very depressed, and I want to give up. Sometimes to the verge of feeling suicidal.

My advice for the day. Don't let yourself feel isolated. Reach out and talk to someone. If you can't reach anyone by phone. Send an e-mail. If you're at a loss for who to e-mail, e-mail me. I always write back. Sometimes it may take me a while, but unless your e-mail accidentally went into the spam folder, you'll hear from me.

Take care and keep living lupie!