Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Help to Get Out of Bed

Okay, so I've been on the Omega-3 pills for two whole days so far, and I have to say that so far, it's not working. I'm sure it takes more time, but I'll keep the world updated of my progress.

Getting up in the morning has been rather difficult the past few days. When I'm lying in bed, I'm okay, but those first few steps in the morning are so painful. One thing that's been helping is a product called Mineral Ice. When I get up and head to the bathroom in the morning, I determine the parts that are hurting, and I apply Mineral Ice on them, and then I'm able to get around and do my exercises.

I guess we'll call that LupieKat's tip for the day!

Have a lupie day.


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rbh68 said...

I have tried Omega 3 and 6 only to get an upset stomach. I am just taking my regular meds and toughing it out. rbh68