Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Hi Lupies:

It's Black Friday. That infamous day after Thanksgiving when Americans take to the stores and risk life and limb for bargains. If you have lupus, you probably look at this day with dread especially if you're on a limited income. You know that you should get out there and get bargains in order to afford presents for your loved ones, but it's cold, you're achy and tired, and you know you'll pay for it for the rest of the weekend.

Here's my advice: STAY HOME!

If you're reading my blog, that likely means that you have access to a computer. This means you can shop online. There are great Black Friday deals online. There are also deals that run through Cyber Monday. I work for We list stores who offer great online deals. It's the perfect place to go to compare prices on the popular Christmas gifts. If you're concerned about shipping costs, there are plenty of stores offering free shipping today. PriceGrabber also carries a list of many stores offering free shipping. isn't paying me to go on and on like this about the site, aside from my salary that is. I just think that shopping online is the lupie thing to do. Think about it. No standing in long lines until your knees ache. No carrying heavy packages that will make your fibromyalgia act up. No temptation from over salty mall food that will cause you to bloat up for days.

You can just stay home snuggled up in your fleece pj's and get all your shopping done for everyone. So far, I've picked up presents for my mother-in-law, my husband, and my daughter. It took me no longer than twenty minutes online. That's how long it would have taken me to find parking at the mall. I remember there was a day I drove around for an hour. It was enough to make me cry. Never again!

Happy Black Friday Lupies!

Stay Home.

Lupie Kat


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THill said...

Just found you on twitter and am looking forward to reading your blog about living with lupus.
Although, I don't have lupus, I work for a health-focused website that is designed to connect people with chronic medical conditions to others like them. Anyway, since working on this website, I've been so inspired to find people like you who are willing to share and encourage others who are living with a medical condition (such as lupus).
Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to reading more of your tweets and posts!