Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sick 48 hours

I haven't been feeling too well for the past couple of days. The cause could be one of two things or two things. On Thursday night, I went to see Shakespeare in the park, and I was bitten about a dozen times by mosquitos. The bites puffed up pretty severely. In reading about mosquito bites and lupus, I discovered that many people with lupus have severe reactions to insect bites. Growing up in Los Angeles, I never really had to worry about mosquito bites, but now that I live in Missouri, it is something I need to think about when I head outdoors.

Friday morning, my daughter and I went out on our run together. I was wearing sunscreen, and it was early morning, but the sun really bothered me. I think my sunscreen might have been expired. Let this be a reminder to my half dozen readers out there to get new sunscreen.

Friday night, I was achy and had a fever. Yesterday, my ankles were really swollen, and I woke up this morning pretty stiff.

I told myself that I was going to stick to my exercise schedule no matter what. Today is my jogging day. Even feeling bad, I thought I'd just move a bit slower than usual. It worked out pretty well. I actually jogged farther than I did on Friday. The swelling actually went down some. I think the sweating from the exercise helped.

I read in the Nashua Times about Kevin Kalhori, a lupie who is cycling across the country to raise lupus awareness and money for the Lupus Foundation. Kevin's story is the same as most of us who have to deal with lupus. He has spent days stuck in bed. He's done the chemo and the steroids.
I've gone from being bedbound to running a bit over a mile. Even so, I cannot imagine bicycling across the country. I think I would be worried about all the things that could go wrong when dealing with something like lupus, but Kevin has faith in himself, and sometimes, that's all that you need.

If you want to follow Kevin Kalhori's travel across the country by bicycle, check out his Live Free and Ride blog.