Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunny Days

People often tease me during the summer because I go out with an umbrella. On cloud free days, I get jokes like, "Good idea. It looks like rain."

However, I'd rather go through teasing than go through a flare because I was too embarrassed to take out my umbrella. Additionally, people with lupus tend to be more prone to non-melanoma skin cancer because of the immunosuppresive drugs many of us take.

If you're lupie, or even if you're not lupie, make sure to take care during this sunny time a year. Wear protective clothing and sunscreen. Personally, I like the Aveeno 55 spf. It works really well. I also wear sunglasses to protect my eyes because the meds I take make my eyes rather sensitive.

Lastly, because we don't get as much sun as other people, lupies sometimes suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Have your doctor test your Vitamin D levels. If they're low, the doctor can prescribe high dose Vitamin D to get you back in order. When I had Vitamin D deficiency, my bones hurt to the touch. Now, I do well just taking regular vitamins.

Enjoy the summer, and try to enjoy living lupie!


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