Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning to Deal with Periods

I have grown to realize that my lupus symptoms are correlated with my menstrual cycle. This means that for one week out of the month, I'm just going to feel like crap no matter what I do to try not to.

Now that I've accepted that my period is just going to be a challenge for me, I allow myself to feel crappy for that one week. This means that I allow myself to sleep a little longer, take more breaks in the day, and take pain relievers. I usually don't need them anymore, but around my period, I'm just plain miserable.

I have to say, exercising has given me more energy. It's just my periods I haven't quite overcome, no matter how strong I feel. I'm on my period now, and it hurts to walk, my cheeks are lupus butterfly pink, and I'm exhausted. It's just the way of the Lupie World.

Take care lupies!

Lupie Kat

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