Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lupus and Fluorescent lighting

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Our company changed offices. I hate changing environments. I suffer from depression, and the one thing that helps me to keep things together is keeping my life scheduled and predictable. Changing offices is something that is completely beyond my control, so it was very difficult for me emotionally.

This is something that should make me happy, and I'm sure it will eventually. After all, the move puts me closer to work. My commute is minimal now. I have a bigger workspace. It's bigger than most offices. It's just going to take some time for me to adjust.

However, with all the great features, I noticed yesterday that the office has unshielded fluorescent lighting. My lupus reacts to fluorescent lighting, so I either need to start wearing sunscreen to work, or I'm going to have to request shielding for the lights above my desk. It bugs me because I hate asking for accommodations, but it is what it is.

Take care.

Live lupie.



Prem said...

use a sunscreen of 45spf or request ur boss for shield dont feel bad about tellin him..god bless u...best wishes..urs prem

karenpurves said...

I too suffer similar effects.....and cover up all the time anyway due to photosensitivity and Raynaud's, but do not find I have to wear sunblock in these rooms....I wear big 70's style UV protecting sun specs, which likely cover most of my face and only part of my fingers show, due to wearing arm/hand warmers....lol.....so I look kinda silly, but don't need the sunblock this way. However, no matter what I do, I still feel worse in those rooms, but nothing in comparison to how I felt if having a flare and entering without the glasses......
But yeah, any acrylic guard on lighting totally takes away the effects. (I don't know about you but people....even professional medical people, do tend to be a little unknowledgable about all this stuff don't you think? and I have felt the need to print of articles from the internet, to just prove to people I'm not completely crazy) Take care. Karen ;)

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Clark said...

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