Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keeping Warm Lupie Style

I was going to write about how Geoff and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this weekend, but then I read a post about a cold lupie and decided this post would be better served talking about keeping warm.

I think lupies are more susceptible to pain this time of year because it is so darn cold. It is very important to keep joints warm especially those hands and feet. Here are a few things I do to keep warm.

1. Wear gloves. Especially when you go outside. If you find that your hands get cold at work, and you do a lot of typing, get gloves and cut the fingers off. I also put a heating pad under the wrist that I use to mouse. For some reason that wrist gets cold. Also, when you're shopping wear gloves to help you grab things out of the freezer section. Especially if it hurts your hands to touch cold things.

2. Use a blanket. I carry a blanket with me practically everywhere I go. I used to feel really self conscious about it at work, but now it seems like I've started a trend because others are doing it too!

3. Wear booties, socks or slippers. I have slippers under my desk at work that I wear when I'm going to be sitting in one place for long periods of time. I also keep an extra pair of warm socks in my desk.

4. Sweaters are your best friend. Sweaters are great, especially at work. You can toss them on without looking completely inappropriate.

5. Get moving. Moving around vigorously is the one thing that helps the most when my joints get cold. Take a quick lap around the office to warm things up if need be.

6. Heating pads. Heating pads are wonderful. They can be a quick fix to cold areas of your body. There are also heating pads that you can toss in the microwave if you are short on places to plug in.

7. Wear a hat. My husband constantly reminds me that most of your body's warmth escapes through your head, so make sure to wear a hat.

These are my lupie methods to keeping warm. Feel free to add your own. The picture above is of me in Palm Springs at the top of the aerial tramway. I'm dressed very warmly. I'm also wearing sunglasses to protect my lupie eyes.


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Kathy said...

I invested in a heated mattress pad that goes under the fitted sheet. If the house was on fire I'd try to save this! Oh and the kids too!