Friday, May 22, 2009

Gotta Love that Prednisone - I have no choice!

Well I feel better than I did a few days ago.  I finally broke down and broke into my emergency stash of Prednisone.  I hate to turn to the Prednisone because of the long term use side effects, but my asthma was killing me, and also, I was just miserable in pain.  I have a love-hate relationship with Prednisone.  When I use Prednisone for a few weeks, it's great.  Longer than that and it makes me feel more miserable than when I started.  I am enjoying my burst of energy right now.  I'm not going to let it go to waste!  I'm going to try to do some productive things this weekend that I haven't had energy to do in the past few months.  Maybe I'll take a short hike tomorrow morning!  

In Lupie news this morning, there's tons of things going on for Lupus Awareness Month.  In Canada, there's Walk a Block for Lupus on Sunday.  Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois is holding a Spring Concert.  Just tons of things, so check your local news and see what's going on.

Have a lupie day!


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