Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting Around Lupie

I've mentioned before that I don't like driving. The first reason is that I'm on so much medication, I don't feel confident in my driving ability. Another reason is that it's just painful. My husband and I work at the same company, so a lot of the time we carpool. I appreciate it, but sometimes I get frustrated because I'm not the one driving. I'd rather take the streets. He likes the freeway. Also, he's a late person. He likes to get to work late and leave late. I want to get to work early and leave early.

For people with lupus, getting around can be difficult. My half sister Wanda (we have the same dad) also has lupus. Her lupus has progressed farther than mine. She has kidney and liver involvement. Anyway, Wanda was telling me how she got a Suburban for Christmas, but at this point, she can't even drive it. In order to get around, she relies on her husband and her mother. Her husband actually quit work to take care of her. She lives in St. Augustine, Texas, so public transportation probably isn't the greatest option there.

I get around on public transportation much of the time. I'm in the middle of Los Angeles, so the bus system is decent. When I lived in the Valley, it was challenging. The bus system is horrible out there. I actually took the bus yesterday because my husband was meeting a friend for dinner. It's fast and reliable. I do have problems with the bus when the pain is extreme. Every pothole makes me cringe.

When I feel really bad, I'll call a friend to give me a ride. I used to be embarassed to do that, but then I realized that friends really want to help you when you're in need. People want to be needed, and with lupus we need a lot of people, so never be ashamed to ask for that ride.

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