Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forget about lupus

My husband, daughter and I are in Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend. We're heading home today. I look forward to being home. This morning, my husband Geoff came out of the bathroom a bit upset because he had gone into a dark bathroom, reached down to lift the toilet seat, but because I left the lid up and the hotel bathroom is an unusual one, he stuck his hand straight into the toilet. What does this have to do with lupus, you may ask? Absolutely nothing. I thought I'd just share this story of retribution for every woman who has sat her butt in a cold toilet bowl full of water in the middle of the night because of a husband forgetting to put the seat down.

Yesterday, I went to a party, and people were sitting in a circle on the floor. When I sat down, I realized that the cold tile was very hard and very uncomfortable. Feeling as lupie as I've been feeling the past couple of days, I sort of grimaced. Someone asked me what was wrong, and I explained that the tile wasn't as comfortable as I'd thought. I really didn't want to talk about lupus yesterday, so it took a bit of verbal gymnastics for me to avoid the topic. By the end of it, I felt like a whiner, but oh well. I just didn't want to talk about lupus at that party yesterday.

With the pain that we tend to be in most of the time, it's hard to forget that we have lupus, but we should all live one day where we try to remove lupus from our consciousness. Instead of thinking, "I can't take a walk very far because I have lupus", think, "I'm going to walk for as much as my energy allows." Once you've spent the day trying to take lupus out of head, contemplate on that at the end of the day. How did your actions change? How did your interactions with your family and friends change? How much does thinking about lupus affect your life?

My family is ready to go. Time to check out of this hotel and head home.

Have a Happy Not So Lupie Day.


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