Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the road again

I took off for San Francisco on Sunday for a Women in Leadership Summit. It was a great summit. I was feeling so down last week for all sorts of different reasons, but now, I'm doing pretty decently. It was odd. When I left for this summit, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because I didn't see myself as good enough to be with these women. I see myself as just a pretty simple person.

At one of the conferences, a speaker said, "You're a leader if you do something that makes a change." I thought about that. I may not be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but I often do things that make changes, so I guess I'm a leader after all. We went to another conference where we were to determine our leadership style. At this conference I found out I was a visionary. Wow. Me. A visionary. That made me feel really good. After that workshop, the facilitator came to me and said, "You're amazing." I appreciated that a lot considering how I was feeling about myself before then.

I met so many amazing women. It was very inspiring. That's my advice for the day. Try to meet new people. Find something that interests you and see if there are a group of people getting together to discuss this issue. It's always good to get out and broaden your world.

Have a lupie day.


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