Monday, July 23, 2007

Driving Me Lupie

I've already mentioned how I don't drive much anymore because it hurts to drive, and I don't feel comfortable driving with the meds I'm on. I also don't like riding in a car for extensive periods because the bumping around is painful. I'm six feet tall, and my legs get cramped up sitting for long periods in a small, confined space.

Because of this, sometimes I'll ask my husband to take me to car dealers to see if I can find the perfect, comfortable car. I found it this past Saturday. It was the Audi S8. That has to be the most comfortable car in the world. Plenty of leg room. There was an extender on the seat to give my legs extra support. The seats were very supportive without being too firm. We asked how much, and for the low, low price of $92,000.00, we could have driven off the lot with a brand new, comfortable car. Suffice it to say, the car is still at the Audi dealer.

Ninety-two thousand dollars! Oh my gosh. It amazes me that there are people in this world who can or even would spend $92,000 for a car. For half that money, I can hire two strong college students to carry me around in a recliner for a year. I'd probably need more than two. I'm kind of heavy.

After we left the Audi dealer, we went to the used car dealer to check out the used cars. Just for kicks, we sat in a Mini Cooper. That car was more comfortable than I expected, but not comfortable enough for me. While there, I did find a used Audi All Sport. It was a reasonable price and it was very comfortable. I'm going to think about it and research it. My husband was concerned about gas mileage, but I think if it works out, I'll be driving around in a used Audi.

I'll be living lupie in luxury.

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