Thursday, July 19, 2007

The World is Much Better When the Meds Kick In

Mornings suck. I wake up achy every day, and I start with the same routine. Wake up, take Nexium. Wait for Nexium to kick in. Eat food, take more meds. Exercise, go to work. I usually take a pain killer sometime between the time I get in the car to go to work and when I get to work. It usually kicks in about an hour afterward. When the pain killer kicks in, I usually have about a half hour of absolutely no pain. When that happens, I get this feeling of relief, and it doesn't hurt to walk anymore.

I always have a problem taking my pain meds. I take them less often than they're prescribed. The doctor tells me that I cause myself more pain when I do this, but I don't like to be totally dependent on pain meds. Also, I honestly forget to take them until I'm really in pain.

Also, when I take them anywhere close to the schedule I'm supposed to keep, I start to feel sick to my stomach, and I usually end up skipping a dose anyway. I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about it.

I've been getting quite a bit of e-mail lately from those of you out there dealing with lupus. Thanks for writing. Your words help a lot.

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