Monday, July 30, 2007

Lupies Need Friends

When I was first diagnosed with lupus, I was rather depressed, and I became withdrawn. It seemed that the worse my symptoms became the less people I wanted around me. Today, I know that wasn't the healthiest thing for me to do.

I spent years and years virtually shut away from my friends. In the past year, I'm making efforts to reconnect, but it's pretty hard work. In the best of circumstances, I'm a shy person. Now, I have lupus insecurities to add on top of that.

It's a lot of work to open yourself up, but I keep trying. Yesterday, I was in the pool at my apartment complex, and I met a woman who just moved in. It was a tremendous effort to make conversation at first, but I started to feel more comfortable after a while. Hopefully, I'll run into her again, and we can talk some more. The thing is, if you feel lonely, that leads to the depression, and if you're depressed, you likely won't feel better.

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