Friday, July 6, 2007

Forgive Yourself for Broken Promises

Okay, so after I promised myself that I would write in blog no matter how badly I felt, I stopped writing because I felt too bad to tell others how bad I felt. I can't go back and change it, so I'll move on and try better next time.

I've been feeling pretty wiped out since July 3rd, and I can't wait until my workday is done in order to go home and go to bed. My next vow will be to write about how I deal with working with lupus, so look for it soon.


rbh68 said...

I just found your site--I am a lupie and I can relate to the stories-today I am feeling down-between weight gain and hair loss I miss my husband/and close friend from telling me how cute I was or how he used to smile at me, I have been on so many drugs, and getting off prednisone month by month-I am 59 and have had lupus for over 4 years. How do you cope with the missed desired attention of the past?

The Lupie Kat said...

I just try to do other things to feel good about myself. I'll work on a project. If it's a matter of making myself feel pretty, I'll do my nails. Pretty nails always seems to boost my self esteem. Thanks so much for reading my blog.