Saturday, April 25, 2009

Embrace Joy

Hi Lupies!

Today is another one of those struggle filled days.  I woke up at 7 AM feeling miserable.  The first one hour of the day is the most challenging time for a person with lupus.  Everything hurts as you sit up, and that first step on the floor causes pain to shoot all through your body.  It's enough to send you straight back to bed.  If not for the desire to pee, a person probably wouldn't get up at all.

Anyway, after I got up and peed, I had a little breakfast and watched last week's Desperate Housewives.  I usually watch everything close to a week behind because I normally don't have the energy to stay awake at night to watch television.  After that, I read a little news on my laptop and played Lexulous on Facebook.  I have to say.   I love Lexulous.  It is by far my favorite Facebook activity.

Back to the news.  I read a story about Julia Kane an artist whose pain is relieved through painting.  About painting, Julia says, "It's absolutely freeing.  I don't even feel the pain anymore.  It just gets me beyond it - like I'm in a new space in time while I'm painting." 

I think I feel that way about reciting poetry.  Writing poetry hurts.  It hurts when I hold my pen or when I type words on my laptop, but when I'm reciting poetry, I feel like I'm not living in this world anymore but in my poem.  I remember one time, I had this horrible urinary tract infection that had me running to the bathroom every five minutes on the eve of a poetry reading.  When I walked up to recite my poetry, I was able to recite for a whole hour, but the second I was done, I was back to running to the bathroom every five minutes.   

We all, especially lupies, should strive to find something that pulls us out of the pain.  Even if it's just for a little while.  Look at your hobbies.  They may be your lifesavers.  

Take care Lupies!


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ChyvonneB said...


My name is Lee. I happened to stumble across you blog when looking for sites about osteopenia. I have Graves' Disease and was diagnosed with Osteopenia some years ago. I have a slew of other issues as well.

I have just started a blog to tell my story. On my blog,I would like to be supportive of other Autoimmune Diseases. I have listed that May is Lupus Awareness Month. Is it okay if I show a link to your blog as well, because I think it is very informative!

Thanks and God Bless!