Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is it Your Birth Control?

Okay, Forbes published an article stating that birth control pills can likely increase your chances of developing lupus. When I first read this, I started to think to myself, "Did I give myself lupus by taking birth control pills?" Then I remembered that my lupus symptoms emerged when I was 15, about 10 years before I even thought about taking my first birth control pill.

We lupies do this. We'll read an article that says that something causes lupus, and then we try to figure out a way to blame ourselves, and then we make sure that our children stay away from that thing. We drive ourselves crazy.

Before you hear about this new study, and you decide to throw out your birth control pills, talk to your doctor. Also consider that if you're reading this, you likely already have lupus so it's too late. It does make me consider whether or not my daughter should be on them. She's taking them for endometriosis. Also, I have been concerned about her lately because she's been complaining about joint pains and sluggishness.

More things to worry over.

Take care all.

Live Lupie!


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