Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Done Pouting

Well, I feel a bit better emotionally than I did yesterday. I went to the dentist and I now have a temporary crown. My dentist is great. I used to hate going to the dentist before I had this one. Cleanings were always so painful. I swear I had a dental hygienist who set out to make it hurt on purpose.

Then I found this dentist. The first time I went to his office for a cleaning, I said to the hygienist how I hated cleanings because they were painful, and she said, "You know. We can put numbing gel on your gums so it doesn't hurt." I wanted to kiss her. I can't believe no one ever suggested that before.

If you're a lupie who shies away from the dentist because of the gum pain, ask about getting the gel on your gums. It really helps. It's important that we go. As the link I provided yesterday shows, we are susceptible to gum inflammation. We need to take care of our mouths.

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