Friday, August 17, 2007

Lupie Hubby

I just finished reading this article about a man whose wife had lupus and breast cancer. He speaks of how she would tell him to go off and live his life because she didn't want to hold him back.

I have that feeling all the time. When Geoff and I first married, we used to do a lot of things together. Our two favorite activities were camping and going to the movies. Geoff and I really love movies. On Tuesdays, we used to go to the theater for two dollar Tuesdays and stay there all day watching movies.

Now, with lupus, I can barely sit in the theater for a ninety-minute movie, so I often beg off. Geoff really loves movies, so he'll often go without me which is fine. He usually takes our daughter. It's good quality time for them.

I often just rent movies these days and have a movie night at home. I like that a lot better than going to the movies. Although, I do miss the experience of people talking at the screen and on their cell phones in the middle of a movie. What I miss most is the sound of a three year old crying in the middle of a Rated-R slasher movie. Maybe I should see if my four year old god-daughter can come over when I rent the double feature Saw and Saw II?

I do plan on going to the movies on Tuesday to see Superbad. My work is having a movie day. I have a comfortable chair that I usually take with me to the beach. I think I'm going to try bringing it to the movies. I thought I'd chance the pain because I hear that Superbad is really funny, and Lupies need lots of funny.

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