Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lucky Lupie

A few days ago I went to see my doctor about the chest pains I've been having and he suspects that I'm having problem with GERD again and he doubled the dosage of Nexium. I pointed out to him that my insurance doesn't pay for Nexium. He didn't seem to care. Pretty much said that was beside the point and I needed it. That prescription change has likely upped my monthly Nexium bill to $500, unless I get some deal for buying in bulk. The things is that my doctor is right. I do need my Nexium. Four years ago, I was in pretty serious shape, and the Nexium helped me get back in order. I've tried going without it, and I just relapse. I really don't want to risk going without it again.

This means that I will suck it up and pay the extra money. I feel lucky that I'm able to work, and I can afford to pay for my medical care. I know that there are people with lupus who constantly struggle with ways to make ends meet to not only feed their families but to pay for much needed medical care as well. I remember those days. I had long, poor stretches during my childhood into my early adulthood. I spent many days in County hospitals and free clinics.

Thinking about those times today made me want to put together a list of places that provided no-cost and low cost medical care across the country. As I was working on this list I came across a site that had a far more comprehensive list than I can ever hope to put together, so I'll just link you up with that.

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