Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Before Diagnosis... After Diagnosis

I just finished reading a story about Crystal McKinnis. She was sharing her experience of what it's like to deal with lupus before and after diagnosis.

Remember how it felt before you were diagnosed with lupus? I do. I thought I was going crazy. I felt so bad, and my doctor couldn't find a single problem with me. I had a high SED rate, but that was it. I even stopped my part-time job because I was getting sick so much, and my boss couldn't cover for my sick days.

When I was diagnosed with lupus, it was actually a relief. I remember saying to my doctor, "You mean I'm not crazy?"

However, that relief feeling has passed. I'm just ready to figure out a way to get over this now.

If you're interested in reading about Crystal McKinnis, here's the link:

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