Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Complimentary Doctor's Appointments

My husband and I both had doctor's appointments. I went to see my GP because it doesn't appear that my ear infection will go away, and my husband had an appointment with his urologist to discuss his options.

My GP gave me stronger ear infection medicine. He said that if the new drops don't work, he'll send me to a specialist. He also was able to run down the tests from my last visit to the rheumatologist. My GP keeps an eye on all my specialists. I like that. He told me that he was going to send my pulmonologist an e-mail because he didn't understand the reasoning behind a treatment that was recently prescribed.

I went many years without a GP, but now I realize I did myself a disservice. A good GP is vital to proper lupus care. I definitely need someone who can keep track of all my specialists and follow my course of treatment.

After my appointment, we went to my husband's urologist. We discussed the stage and extent of his cancer and discussed treatment options. My husband wants surgery to have his prostate removed. I'm having a hard time getting used to this all. I want to question the viability of the results and diagnosis. I'll support what my husband wants. I guess I'm just still in shock.

You all have a lupie day.


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