Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Managing the Pain without Painkillers

I've been able to get along for the past several weeks without the need to take the heavy-duty pain meds. I think this is mostly because of self concious self massage. I've been going to acupuncture treatments once a week, and I have to say that I think it's working because in addition to the treatments, I get training in self maintenance. I was a bit dubious when I started this process, but I can't argue with the fact that I'm feeling better.

Right now, I have some sort of seed in my ear. My acupuncturist put it there. He said it would help with inflammation. I should point out that it's not directly in my ear as much as on my earlobe. I feel like Dumbo with the magic feather.

I think a lot of my pain management has to do with maintaining a steady blood flow. When I move around rather rigourously such that my heart rate goes up a little bit, my pain goes away.

I also keep a massaging heating pad with me at work, so that if I start to feel pain, I can see to it immediately. When I'm in a position where I can't use the heating pad, I'll apply Mineral Ice. It's great. It's a little stinky, but it works.


Paul said...

Hello, I am a 26 year old male with Lupus. It took 4 years to be officially diagnosed from the military where I was quickly medically discharged as well. I have been having terrible joint pain and I can't seem to manage it. I have tried eating different foods, staying away from chocolate and the likes but it seems every evening and morning, I can't even squeeze the toothpaste out. Does the accupuncture work?

The Lupie Kat said...

Hi Paul:

Acupuncture works for me. It's a bit of work. I have a lot of self massage exercises, and re-training in posture. My acupuncture clinic is an East-West medicine clinic. That means that it uses a combination of Western medicine with acupuncture. Pain management is a difficult thing to accomplish. Sometimes I wake up in terrible pain, and I find that exercising helps the pain, but it took several months of exercising daily before I got any sign of pain relief. I believe there isn't a quick fix to pain relief. We have to just try to be vigilant with what the doctors recommend and hope for the best.

goldengirl4 said...

hello there. it is a pleasure to read your blog. i have been having problems with my health since 02. i do have to say that part of my quest for relief was accupuncture and chinese massage. the massage was magical and the use of hot rocks on my lower back was amazing. i truly believe in this alternative med. i would continue this treatment but it was something that was offered by my chiroprator. i also had issues with blood clotting and had to stop due to using coumadin. i would love to be your friend. having someone to talk to who can identify with is awesome. i am on the east coast small town of phillipsburg new jersey. you can reach me at my email.