Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling itchy!

Last week, I was down with a cold. Actually, I couldn't figure out if it was a cold or the tetanus shot I had the week before. I don't react very well to tetanus shots. The one I had ten years ago got me pretty sick. My arm broke out into a rash and I had a fever and asthma on top of it.

This time, my arm didn't get rashy, but I had a large hard lump in the injection site that was about six inches in an oblong diameter. I then got sick with the cold. It was a tough cold. Had a hard time shaking it. I'm still feeling pretty tired from it, and today, I've broken out in a rash from head to toe.

I just took some Benadryl. Hopefully, that will help settle down the rash. I'm itchy and miserable, so I think I'm going to cut it short and try some meditation.

Just another part of living lupie!


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