Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Drug Addicted Lupies

First, I'd like to say thank you to Melinda for giving me a ride home from my infusion treatment yesterday. It had to be one of my more pleasant rides home after treatment. She showed up exactly when she said she would and made sure I made it to my apartment okay. She's great.

Now, today's topic. I just finished watching a news report from Colorado Springs about a woman named Jennifer Bohanon who was a lupie robbery suspect that was shot and killed by police at a drug store this past Sunday. Parents told reporters that Jennifer became addicted to pain meds because of her lupus symptoms.

This is such a sad, sad story. We lupies know how much the pain can get to us, but at what point do we consider ourselves addicted to our pain medication? I worry about this constantly because my parents were addicts, and I definitely don't want to go down that road. Sometimes I'll just flat out refuse to take my pain medication just to prove to myself that I'm not an addict. Geoff gets frustrated with me when I do this, so now, I take my medication exactly as prescribed and never more often than prescribed.

I also try other things in addition to the pain meds. My first thought is never to take a pill. If it were, I'd be worried. First, I'll try warm baths, meditation, self massage, getting a massage, a funny movie, moving around, talking to a friend that's funny. If none of these work, then I go on a pain medication regimen.

I think the key is to accept that we need our pain medication, but not to be solely dependent on our pain medication. We should try not to be so desperate that we'd do anything to get the pain medication. For me, pain medication is the last resort. I don't know if this outlook will work for me forever, but it works for now.

Have a lupie day!



Melinda said...

You are more than welcome. It's easy to be nice to nice people. Some people just inspire others to do good deeds, you and Geoff are in that group.

As for pain meds, I know what you mean. I have horrid migraines and have big drugs. I have been chastised by my doctor for not taken meds at the beginning of pain, to stop it early. I always either block it out, hoping it will go away, or block it subconsciously, and then when I become aware of it, it's too late. I hate taking the big drugs because they make me feel hungover when it's done. And sometimes the regular cure is worse than the symptoms. Triptan drugs cause me to have neck cramps. Which is worse, migraine or neck spams?

rbh68 said...

Ladies, that was too bad about the woman who got shot, but remember not all of us have the financialwerewithall for massages etc,maybe the only relief we can get is the meds. Taking time for a bath if you work and feel crappy all you want is a quick shower, food and meds and to bed if home life allows

The Lupie Kat said...

You have to try to take care of yourself. Also, you don't need money for massages. Most of the time, I massage myself. Geoff often promises to massage me, but he forgets, but when he can't do it, my daughter will. When I was a teenager, my mom would massage me before bedtime to help me deal with the pain. Also, my doctor has prescribed massages as part of my pain therapy. I haven't been in a while because of all the other stuff going on, but when my infusions are over, I'll start that up again.

Believe me. I know how hard it can be to squeeze everything in. I struggle to shove in a 40 hour work week on top of getting infusions twice a week that knock me out for half a day, but you have to take care of yourself. You deserve it!

I do shove the baths to the weekend, but I try to set aside at least ten minutes in the morning and evening for a massage.