Monday, September 24, 2007

Overall, a good day

I was just reading yesterday's blog post, and I notice that I said I went to the doctor yesterday. I didn't go yesterday. I went last week! We'll just call that a brain fart. I'm sure if I worked hard enough, I could figure out a way to blame it on lupus, but let's not. Let's do like Prince and blame it on the rain.

Today was a good day. I actually exercised. I rode a little bit on the exercise bike and did some ab exercises. I had a bit more energy today. I guess those infusions are starting to kick in. I did wake up in pain, but I was able to deal. It was a one pain pill day. That's actually pretty good!

I've been trying to focus on the fact that I feel better than usual. It's been kind of a challenge because I had a disagreement with one of my brothers over the weekend, and that's sort of bringing me down. I tried to push it out of the way because I get very few days where the pain isn't kicking my tail. When the world starts pulling me down, I try to focus on the good things or the funny things in life.

I better get myself to sleep. It's about forty minutes past my bed time.

Night all and keep living lupie!


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