Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's infusion time

Every few months, I have to go into the hemotologist for iron infusions to keep my anemia under control. It's a very rough course for me. I'm allergic, so I get iron with a side of benadryl and steroids.

I'm really tired and achy right now. On infusion days, I try to work half a day. I managed to do that, but I forgot to take my morning meds, so I wasn't feeling too well. My heart rate was off, and just felt a wreck. It was a hard work half-day too because my boss gave me a kind of big project that I couldn't finish before I left. He's probably not too happy about that.

Then when I got to the infusion center, I had a problem with the nurse finding a good vein. I always have that problem, but it's been worse.

Once the treatment was over, I didn't have a way home. Geoff couldn't pick me up because he had a meeting. That frustrates me because I sent him my infusion schedule last week. I hate getting infusions. I never feel so alone as I do when I get infusions. I feel weak and tired, and there's no one there to help me. Today, I called a cab, $60 and an hour and a half later, I was home. Next week should be better. My friend Melinda said she'd be able to pick me up. I appreciate her. She's really sweet and considerate.


rbh68 said...

Today I just found out I have a yeast/fungus condition going on on the scalp and traveling to the neck and shoulders. Never would I have imagined. I had bumps and scabs a couple of years seasonaly but now this. Never new just figured it was a rash or allergic reaction to shampoos., But we all have this it is just when we get sensative to things it flares up. There is that work FLARE lucky us.

The Lupie Kat said...

Oh gosh. I'm sorry. Do they prescribe diflucan for that? That's what I usually get for yeast. (hugs)