Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pick it Up and Push On

I just finished reading an article on the Pittsburgh Steelers web site about Willie Colon and his lupie mom. Colon discusses how when he's training, he pushes through the pain because that's what his mom does. The woman has had broken bones, dialysis, strokes, and who knows what else, and she still manages to pull herself together and care for her family. The article says that this woman is able to go to dialysis, climb five flights of stairs to her home, and make dinner.

That's just amazing. I recently sold my house because I couldn't climb stairs anymore. These infusion treatments generally turn me into a whiny, miserable person. I don't even want to think about the bag of sunshine I'd be if I were getting dialysis! Sometimes it's good to give yourself perspective and be happy that you're still able to wake up in the morning and move. Even if it is a painfully hampered move.

To read more about Willie Colon and his mom, click here.

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