Saturday, September 29, 2007

Close to Journey's End

I just got an e-mail from Geoff Thomas. I've mentioned him a few times on my livinglupie site. He's been riding his bike around the U.S. to raise lupus awareness. Geoff finishes his 9,000 mile lap of the U.S. tomorrow in New York City at Madison Square Garden at 1:00 p.m. Isn't that just amazing? I'm in awe of him. If you happen to live in New York, please go to Madison Square Garden to give Geoff a warm welcome. He deserves it!

Following is an e-mail I received from Geoff:

Dear Katerina,

I'm about to finish my journey in New York Sunday (tomorrow) and just a word of thanks for your support. It is genuinely appreciated.

Over the past five months, my main intention has been to raise awareness and support those who are suffering a whole lot more than myself.

It has been humbling, saddening, enlightening and uplifting.

It’s also somewhat ironic that after 9000 miles, my journey is just about to begin.

I’ve learnt you don’t give up and if I can apply that attitude to helping to find a cure for this terrible disease in any small way, then I’ll do my best to assist.

If there’s an upside to Lupus, and I’ve said this many times, it’s the great people you meet and connect with.

Despite finishing my ride, I'll be keeping the website open to promote our cause and to keep in touch with anyone who has any questions or requires any advice that I may be able to pass on. Over the past 155 days, I sure have learnt a great deal.

Once again, many thanks and take care.

You're doing a wonderful thing!

Kind Regards,

Geoff Thomas

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