Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Technique, Better Infusion

I know I've mentioned before how much I dislike my infusion therapy. One of the reasons it's a bother is that the nurses often have a hard time finding a vein. I tried two new techniques that seemed to help the process. One thing was that I dressed very warmly. Another thing was that I performed windmill movements with my arms a few minutes before. Doing this helped improve the circulation in my arms and made my veins more visible. The nurses were successful with the first injection. It usually takes two to three tries. I was very happy. I was a little achy from the repetitive motion, but Id' rather deal with the achiness.

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Tabatha said...

Hello my name is Tabatha and I was diagnosed with lupus about 6 months ago. I have good and bad days. I don't really understand what I have but, I have been learning what I can and cannot do, I love to go on walks and found myself limited on how far I can go. only after the fact that my husband had to carry me home. we learned after that. but I just wanted to write and see if we could email back and forth. I'm still trying to understand lupus. email me anytime if you can.
Thanks, Tabatha